Buying a DSLR for your hobby– 01

I am writing this series of posts to help you in buying a DSLR camera for do photography as a hobby.I am no expert in this field but photography was my hobby for last 8 years. I only own a single DSLR. So I am writing this series based on my research on the internet and my opinion

DSLR to Quality Photos?

If you are watching for a good quality camera for your day to day photographic needs, DSLR might not be the best option. Replacing a day to day use small camera from a DSLR is not a good option. Caring a DSLR and shooting with is not simple as a small point and shoot cameras. Therefore the best candidates are high end compact cameras or pro-sumer cameras. There are many pro-sumer (or bridge or mirror less) cameras out there. they offer almost 80 % –90% picture quality and all (may be more) automatic functions for slightly less amount of money.

Nikon coolpix P series cameras –  (Ex Collpix P510)

Canon Powershot SX seris (Ex – Powershot SX40HS)

Are some famous non DSLR super zoom cameras , which can provide quality photos and much smaller and light weight enabling day to day ease of use.

I like to do Photography as a hobby. so start with DSLR ?

surprisingly my answer is NO. Why ? In my opinion photography is not all about capturing photos or not about having a big camera. First of all you have to see the world in a different angle. You have to understand the art of photography. So if you wish to start doing photography as a hobby the best thing is to read some books and look at some artistic photos. Then start taking photos with a small camera.

When to buy a  DSLR ?

when you staring to see things better and feeling like you are ready to buy a DSLR then study about DSLR cameras, their features , accessories and expert reviews. Do some Research about DSLRs . Make a wish list and modify it. is a good site to refer technological details and user/expert opinion about cameras.

In the next article I will be talking about DSLR technologies and accessories. So be patient or start your own research (at the end that’s what I really expect from you !)